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From October 31st to November 19th (2023), I found myself nestled in the idyllic Chateau de Bouthonvilliers near Chartres, France, in the company of six other artists. Before embarking on a new artistic endeavor, my prerequisite was to delve into George Orwell's "1984." This literary immersion, coupled with the unfolding horrors in Gaza, cast upon me an unsettling sensation. Here, in a haven of privilege, I grappled with the gruesome war engulfing Israel, a battleground between the West and the rest, a clash fueled by the preservation of capitalism and the nations burdened beneath its yoke. An additional layer of dismay presented itself in the form of Iran's despotic regime, orchestrating suffering among both adversary and its own populace in the pursuit of dominion. 


What became glaringly apparent was that all factions were vying for the same trifecta: power, wealth, and prestige. Religion, it seemed, was merely a tool to sway the masses. While I had intellectually acknowledged this truth, its profound implications struck me with renewed force. Art exists in a peculiar space within this narrative. On one hand, it springs forth from religion, birthing exquisite masterpieces. On the other, it stands as an immensely potent instrument for propaganda, for art touches the human soul far more profoundly than money or rhetoric ever could.


I never aspired to be a politically engaged artist, but the path I've treaded, one that reflects on the essence of being human, leaves me little choice. Yet, amidst the upheaval of this morally decayed global political landscape, the most potent form of resistance IS art! Hence, I relinquished the reins to my eclectic taste, creating a variety of works that sought only the adventure within artistic expression. The recurring question: what is artistically the most intriguing? And so, I pursued that. 


The outcome comprises a collection of new works that bring me great satisfaction, albeit with little thematic connection. No matter; they will surely find their rightful place. Moreover, the insights gained will undoubtedly guide me forward on my journey.


Field trip /Versailles

Field trip /Paris

What else /went on

Special thanks to DJ Decker for taking awesome photo's of me and my work

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