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Jabba is my latest installation, inspired by the enchanting clay buildings of the Middle East and the historical exchanges along the Silk Road. It serves as a catalyst for contemplating the transformative power of diverse cultural encounters.


Jabba's mesmerizing exterior design instantly captures attention in any setting. Step inside and immerse yourself in a visually captivating environment adorned with meticulously crafted elements, including custom rugs. Traditional designs seamlessly merge with contemporary aesthetics, forming a harmonious fusion of cultural artistry. Through NFTs displayed on screens, we bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary cultures, offering glimpses into the vibrant Web3 space.

At its core, Jabba explores universal themes of cultural heritage, interconnectivity, and the profound impact of art on fostering understanding and dialogue. It celebrates the blending of beliefs, knowledge, and traditions, inviting visitors to engage in conversations that illuminate the richness of our shared heritage across diverse cultures.

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