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Finding the light container

2023 | 450 x 370 pixels

Animated gif


"Finding the Light Container" is based on my Icon #044. That icon wears a robe derived from a fresco at the Monastery of Mar Musa al-Habashi in Syria. For this animated gif, I have reversed the colors.


On the left, you see a beautiful building from 'Otaybah, east of Ghouta, Damascus, Syria, of which I seriously wonder if it has survived the war.


The hands in Icon #044 are two left hands, but I didn't merely copy them: I did more with them.


The head is an ancient Greek Tetradrachm silver coin [336 BC–323 BC Syria]. See footnote.


Lastly, you see a gemstone. While the gif slowly fades into the night, the gem continues to radiate.


When Ordinals started to receive attention, it became a race against time to get an inscription within the first 100,000. I didn't care so much about that, but what I did like was that the infrastructure to create an Ordinal didn't really exist yet. It was truly a battle to get this work onto the blockchain, and that's what made it so enjoyable. Just before I inscribed it with Sparrow, a new tool became available. I felt like an OG in the Space for the first time.


If you look at the early Ordinals now, you mainly see bulk inscriptions that lack any artistic value. If you remove all of those, Finding the Light Container remains as one of the first artworks on the Bitcoin chain. Speaking of which: I think it's amazing that I have a piece on the Bitcoin blockchain! I am now forever connected to the chain. And that is a beautiful tribute to my younger self, who had just a tiny bit of Bitcoin in 2015 already.


Silver Coinage of Hellenistic Rulers. The Hellenistic period spans the nearly three hundred years between the death of Alexander the Great of Macedonia (323 B.C.) and that of Cleopatra VII of Egypt (30 B.C.), a descendant of one of Alexander’s generals. The term Hellenistic is derived from Hellas, an ancient Greek word for Greece. It is used to describe both chronologically and culturally the era following Alexander’s conquest of Egypt and Asia, which resulted in the spread of Greek culture across a vast area.

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