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The caravan enters new times

Camel with five legs

This POAP shows a dromedary with five legs

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The caravan enters new times

The image of the caravan moving quietly through the desert is a universal image. The caravan always moves on visiting new places without having a final destination. Anyone who wants to know what tomorrow brings in terms of stories, knowledge and goods would do well to follow the trail of the caravan.


In a globalized world where the internet functions as a caravan, we witness the flaws of shared information: polarization, mistrust of science, conspiracy thinkers, extremists, war and more. The overkill of new inventions and information makes us want to shut off, instead of listening to each other and learn. We rather simplify our sources, preferably to those who speak in clickbait’s.

But I still believe in dialogue. I just don’t want to have the same conversation over and over again. I look at the present, the past and the future. I look at regions in the world that are overlooked to make intuitive work with new flavors to hopefully find something interesting or meaningful.


This exhibition examens just that: a new story, a new journey. Bringing together all kinds of chapters in my art from the last four years. Including paintings, NFTs, drawings, props, merchandise, sculptures and personal belongings.


If you have ever found my work or my ideas interesting, you should definitely come visit the show.

Niels Broszat

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