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You know about the Sirens right?

This page is about my NFT called Sirens

Remake of “Drying rug”. Drying rug is the first of three Async Blueprints called “Tales of medieval Syria” that was not drawn before Async ceased to exist. I only made the link to the Sirens after the work was completed, but it fit like a glove.

The Sirens, daughters of the river god Achelous, were vicious creatures, especially feared by sailors. In most representations, they had the face and torso of a beautiful woman, but the wings and lower body of a bird. Their beguiling song would cause sailors to forget home and leap into the sea to meet their death.

Powerful as the Sirens were, a few mythological heroes managed to escape them. When the Argonauts sailed past the Sirens, for example, Orpheus was able to drown out their song with his own music. Later, when Odysseus encountered them on his way home from Troy, he sealed his men’s ears with wax but was able to listen to the Sirens’ song himself by having himself bound tightly to the mast. It was sometimes said that the Sirens drowned themselves after their failure to seduce Odysseus.

One believes that the world can be made better than it already is, and the other believes that "evil" can only be controlled. Currently, there is a lot of evil happening in the world: the West dominates the rest to protect its prosperity and democracy at the expense of people near and far, and religious fanatics spread fear. Like the song of the Sirens, the allure of wealth and power seems irresistible to all parties, and the ordinary person pays the price.


Our leaders are sick, and our systems are devilish. My resistance is beauty, freedom of speech, and charity. I don’t think it’s wise to only look for that within your own group. Welcome the unknown!



The motto in life is not to have the most but to need the least.

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