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What makes me tick

 “What if” is of greater importance to me than “what is”. I am constantly on the look out for challenging viewpoints on whatever I encounter. This is how I entertain myself, this is how I learn.  Combining elements that at first glance have little or nothing in common is what intrigues me most.


How I work

Therefore in my art I combine as well: impulsively and by mere association I add on, scrape off, thus building my creations. My work process is a succession of surprises; once it's finished I feel a comfortable distance to the work. Like I didn't make it, but someone (or something) else. This gives me a sense that my art is larger than me, because: “how on earth could something like that have been made by me?”  


What it’s about

The essence of my work is blending the present with the past, from the Dutch 17th century to medieval European culture. Recently I turned my attention to the Silk Road, focussing on Syria. Not only am I attracted to the richness of the cultures that gathered there and their connection to world events today, but I also want to draw attention to Syrian heritage that was lost due to the war.


My art is rich, raw, refined, cheeky, naïve, adventurous and bold. I paint and draw, make sculptures and installations, ceramics as well as digital art/NFTs. Each of the artworks is unique and self-contained, but put them together and they tell my story.


Niels Broszat

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