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About icons

I started painting icons in 2012 using egg tempera and oil paint on panel just like they used to do in the Middle Ages... NOT. I merely pretend to paint like medieval painters: I use oak panels (used in Netherlandish and German county’s), prepare them with bone glue and make my own egg tempera. But I also use oil paint and most of the panels do not have cloth over them.

Icon #040

I especially like the visual language of that time and I like to flirt with the idea of creating something that the Middle Agers would accept to be their own, which of course is ludicrous. Everyone gets this by just seeing my work in a blink of an eye, but let me tell you why it is so exciting to me.

Icon #026

An art movement always arises from its predecessor. Art movements follow each other up by tearing the old down to make way for the new. The Renaissance did so to the Middle Ages. But what would’ve happened when we skipped some of these era’s? What kind of icons would we see nowadays if it were allowed to evolve?

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