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About Traveling Icon #003

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

We see a figure, a man. There is chaos all around him, he HIMSELF is chaos. Energy is bursting out of the figure or he absorbs the energy that surrounds him. Some elements seem tangible, clothes maybe? It tightens the space.

In the midst of chaos we recognize some elements of Christianity: we see a halo behind the yellow head and a bust (of Christ?) seems to strike a pose.

The image doesn’t tell you what is going on or why. It doesn’t say if it is an abstracted image of reality or that what is depicted is reality in its own universe. We don’t have much certainty about anything. In art we don’t look for certainty, we sense. Do we sense danger or peace, disturbance or calmness, joy, anger...?

If a spectator might have some doubts about what is going on, that doubt isn’t mirrored in the painting. The painting is believable because it is doubtless: what happens in the work might be normal OR special, but whatever is going on, it’s real the painting says.

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