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About Sunday morning church bells #2

I need to feel it. When a painter paints madness, I need to feel that madness. When a musician plays a breakup song, I need to feel despair. When a sculptor catches form, I have to see the struggle against material. No subtleties.

I guess I am a sensitive guy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t bare harshness. On the contrary, I NEED to feel. I take this very seriously and expect a lot of an artist’s work, wether it be dark or light, funny or sad or whatever. The intent of the artist must be real and I will feast on it like a predator.

Listening to Nearby church bells (2013) after all these years I get exactly that: I become calm, a little worried and uncertain. A bit scared even maybe. I turn inwards but I am not alone, since I did not rang the church bells. That feeling is all it is to me. It's all it needs to be.

Before I released this work, I would listen to it over and over again for hours to see if it would irritate me or lose some of its power. Sure, at the end I had enough of it, but I am talking hours here so no. The bells, the wind and its tempo create an almost tangible sphere. Somehow I am there, wherever that me be…

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