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About Sunday morning church bells

Sunday mornings, even on a rainy day, are special. The streets are quieter, no unexpected deliveries or visitors. It’s a day that respects each other’s space just a tiny bit more it seems. Lying in my bed not feeling the need to go out, just snoozing a bit longer AND enjoying that to the fullest is a blissful feeling.

But most of all I enjoy the sound of church bells! Oh the sound of church bells from afar. 🙏 I am not a religious person. I gaze at subjects and objects I don’t understand with childlike curiosity. I fill in the blanks with my fantasies, free associations and assumptions. But those church bells from afar… Nothing colors a Sunday morning like church bells.

The bells call for us. I feel connected with the young mother who is exhausted from being a parent and knows today will be just a little bit easier, the adolescent who is allowed to stay in bed longer, the farmer that will go a little easy on himself today.

I don’t only think of them. I think of young parents, adolescents and farmers over the past 2000 years. We are connected by the sound of those bells. Understandably it makes me feel connected with the Middle Agers. Sound is such a conductor of feeling, just like smell is to memory.

I made this video a few years ago using a futuristic interpretation of church bells and ending it with a sound clip of a real church bell.

Can you feel it?

The music is of L’ENFER and comes from the record label “In a cabin with”

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