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About Spades Drawings (2)

Form, lines, colors and all that have meaning to me. They speak to me in a way that nothing else does. I am stating the obvious, I know, but because they speak to me I want to examine them. Artists like Cy Twombly, Piet Mondriaan and Willem de Kooning (just to name a few) were all researching form.

Willem de Kooning

It is hard to explain what it is I am searching for. One part of me wants to know if I can create something that also speaks to me or even better: get’s me excited! But more so, I want to be surprised. I crave for new ways of looking. And when I find something that gets me triggered I am curious to see what that would look like if I made it “medieval-esque”.

Detail of a hand

To be surprised by your own doing, you need to get rid of conscious thought. That is why I embrace chaos: I might suddenly move the other way than intended when drawing a line or doodle uncontrollably without intent. It feels like surfing on possibilities. But ultimately I need to fixate that what works and master chaos in order to actually create something. That is a very conscious act.

My collectors bought my work at first because they liked it, but after LIVING with it for a while, they too started to recognize new ways of looking that broadened their scope.

The first one who buys the NFT gets the original drawing as well. After a resale you may keep the original.

Space Drawings available via this link:

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