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About Spades Drawings (1)

The visual language of the Middle Ages fascinate me. Clovers, diamonds, hearts and spades, but also the pattern of a chessboard or polkadot fit effortlessly into that language. I wanted to add my own element to these four.

I decided to take the shape of the spades symbol and play with it in various ways, even in various techniques. I made ceramics, used them in paintings and installations and - in this case - made a series out of them, examining various possibilities to find my symbol.

For those who know me, it doesn’t come as a surprise that my symbol is not to be found in a final form, but rather lies in the quest of finding my version of the spades symbol. This series depict the fun I had searching for various ways to create my symbol and use it in its own realm, because creating a vorm and applying that into an autonomous sphere coincide.

NFT and drawings are available at:

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