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Niels Broszat 2020

Niels Broszat’s career took flight right from the start. His graduation show in 2007 at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague got noticed by the well-respected Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, who published an article on his installation; Broszat was nominated for the Young Talent Award hosted by Kunstbeeld; the Gemeentemuseum The Hague selected his work for their biennial exhibition (best of graduates) and he won the Buning Brongers Award. Gallery Cokkie Snoei (Rotterdam) began to represent him, showing his work at numerous art fairs and gallery exhibitions. 


In 2011 Broszat left the gallery to take management of his career into his own hands. From that point on he collaborated with various galleries, artist initiatives, companies and museums to exhibit and sell his art. During that time, Broszat also stopped making his well-known flower still lifes to explore new possibilities within his art. His art matured and began to draw more attention. 


In 2012 he won Kunsthal Light #6, which awarded him a solo exhibition at the Kunsthal museum in Rotterdam. That year Broszat began work on a series of paintings based on Orthodox icons. These paintings became successful, and collectors looking to buy his icons were waitlisted. In 2014 he won the Royal Award for Modern Painting and several museums and institutions exhibited these remarkable icons.


In 2015 Broszat was co-founder of online art gallery Refine Art. The gallery was active until 2017.


In 2017 Artitious started showcasing Broszat's work.

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